Cosmetic Reconstructive Dentistry


Accident-damaged front teeth, discoloured front teeth, slightly crooked front teeth can be dealt with by applying a thin ceramic shell. Preparation of the tooth involves the enamel only. This ensures non-invasive treatment of the tooth and that it is not subjected to any further damage. The veneer is bonded adhesively, i.e. stuck on. Aesthetically, it looks perfect.

Adhesive bridges

In some cases, a single missing front tooth can be remedied by lightly filing the enamel of a neighbouring tooth and fixing (sticking) a prosthetic tooth to it by means of a wing and strong adhesive.


Where teeth are severely damaged, they must be filed in a circular motion and an impression needs to be taken. This can be done either by using polyether impression materials or by taking an optical impression. The dental technician is then asked to make a ceramic crown, which is cemented or stuck in during a second session. We distinguish between metal ceramic crowns and full ceramic crowns (emax crowns, zirconia crowns, full zirconia crowns). In the aesthetic zone, we recommend full ceramic crowns.


If there’s a gap, bridge it. This only applies if an implant is not possible, or the patient does not want an implant. Also, if the teeth next to the gap are severely damaged, it is often not worth installing a bridge. As in the case of a crown, the abutment teeth are filed, an impression is taken and the bridge made by the dental technician is put in place during a second session. As with individual crowns, we distinguish between metal ceramic and full ceramic bridges.