Caries treatment

This is all about restoring the teeth to a healthy state. The tooth can be treated with an aesthetically perfect filling, which may be synthetic (composite), ceramic inlay or overlay – depending on the size of the defect that has developed.

Periodontal treatment

Periodontal treatment is necessary in patients whose periodontium has been damaged by long-term gum inflammation (breakdown of the bone containing the tooth sockets). The condition can be due to various factors, such as: oral hygiene, type and proliferation of pathogenic bacteria, genetic predisposition, smoking, stress, teeth-grinding, pharmaceuticals

Tretment is two-pronged:

  • Initial phaseProfessional removal of tartar, root-planing and oral-hygiene improvement
  • Re-evaluation
    The periodontal examination is repeated 6 weeks after the initial treatment and, depending on the results, is followed by:


Cleaning every three to four months to keep all recesses (difficult to reach areas of the teeth) free of deposits and to prevent dental biofilm (bacterial communities) from building up.


Microbiological tests, targeted reduction of remaining deep probe findings, plastic surgery, vector therapy, photodynamic therapy and, in rare cases, antibiotic treatment. Periodontal treatment is only effective if the patient cooperates fully and proper follow-up care is ensured.